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What types of things have you found existing in your garage?

Well, I found my sanity! Who would have known that my sanity was existing in my garage. I think it was hiding somewhere between not wanting to tackle three years of boxes and the desire of having an organized garage.  Hard labor, which I call any kind of cleaning, causes you to focus on how to make things better in general.  At least that is what it does for me.

Existing in your GarageFour years ago, while my husband and I were cleaning the garage, we realized that we were those parents.

 What type of parent you ask?

Well, the type of parent that overindulges in buying our children toys, electronic devices, and other stuff.  Half of the boxes in the garage belonged to them.  We had enough toys to open a small toy store.

It didn’t stop there.

Our house was full of toys.  The most upsetting thing about the entire situation was that many of the toys were unopened!  Really!?!

As you may know, working moms may struggle with balancing work and life. I sure did and still do. I’m an educator.  I have spent tons of hours at home grading, planning, etc.  My husband’s schedule… forget about it.  He doesn’t work normal business hours.

I guess to make US feel better about the time that wasn’t being spent with the kids, we bought them things.  We bought everything they asked for in fact.  That day we decided that we didn’t want to be those parents.

We wanted to spend more time with our kids.

My travel experience as a child was limited. I did not board my first plane until 2012 and had only visited 4 states.

I really wanted my kids to see the world.  If we were going to spend the money, then I rather it be on something that we could enjoy together.  They now love to travel!

One way that we would make this happen was to limit what we bought the kids, especially during Christmas, and focus on quality time.

Hence, the title Memories instead of Things!

Each Christmas we would spend a least $800 on gifts.  $800+ on kids!?! This also meant that the budget for us was non-existent.

Giving and receiving gift was for the kids we would say. I mean it did bring joy to my heart seeing their excitement, but come on.

Anyway, that day in the garage we decided that for Christmas each person could get one gift that they really, really wanted.  We would also announce our annual vacation as their final gift.

This blog is to help me journal our experiences together.  We have done so much as a family so far.  Most of those photos and videos go to the memory card or cloud graveyard.  I want my kids to be able to look back at each of our experiences and remember how much fun we did or didn’t have.  You are welcome to join our memories!


New Orleans, LA


Disney World Orlando Fl and Disney Dream Castaway Cay and Nassau, Bahamas


LA, Venice Beach and Disneyland Anaheim, CA

Royalton White Sands Resort Falmouth, Jamaica (DH and I only)

Washington, DC – White House, DC Cupcakes, National Mall, MLK Monument


Calloway Gardens and Wild Animal Safari Pine Mountain, GA

Family Visit Savannah, GA

Disney World Orlando, Fl

As you can tell, we love Disney… well mostly me and the kids!


Myrtle Beach, SC

Disney World Orlando, FL


Royal Caribbean Cruise Line- Labadee, Haiti and Falmouth, Jamaica

Cincinnati, OH (Road tip, with stops in Tennessee and Kentucky)

New Orleans, LA (DH and I only)

Baltimore, MD (day trip)

New York, New York (day tip)

Orlando, FL (No Disney. It was a sad trip.)

Philadelphia, PA


Philadelphia, PA

Chattanooga, TN

Carnival Cruise Line – Nassau, Bahamas (DH and I only)

Disneyland Anaheim, CA

Houston, TX (DH and I – BEYONCE On the Road Tour!!!!)


Fredrick, Maryland

Washington DC – Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture

Pigeon Forge, TN x 2

Orlando, FL- Family Reunion in June and MNSSHP in Sept

Savannah, GA

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