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Spend time and exist with each child individually. Lets hear it for the Girls: Mommy/Daughter Date.

Mommy Daughter Date

I found that it is important to exist and spend time with each kid, when possible, to create lasting memories.  It means a lot to them.  My husband and I often have our “thing” that we do with the kids.  My boys enjoy going to the barber shop and spending time with their dad.  My son loves to remind my daughter that the barber shop is for boys.  So, I have to find “girl” things for my daughter and I to do.  We have our mommy/daughter dates.

I consider myself cheap smart with my money. Most of the time I have a problem spending money for things that I know I can do myself, like hair and nails. However, there are times that I will spend my money for these services. I mean who doesn’t want to feel pampered. Every now and then, I want to escape from my usual DIY hair and nails courtesy of YouTube. (I know I’m not the only one who goes to YouTube University.) I want to escape from the testosterone that dominates my house.

The catch is I can’t leave my baby girl. She is me reincarnated. I think that ‘Wait Til You Have Your Own Kids’ curse my mom put on me worked. Being the oldest to two brothers, she wants a break too. She is a great girl!  She’s smart, athletic, beautiful, helpful and generous (I could go on and on).  She deserves a treat as well.

Today we got pedicures. Time! Memories!

We love getting pedicures. We get to talk and laugh while we wait. Is it just me, or do you have a long wait at the nail shop? I don’t care what day or time I go, I can never so straight to a chair. Anyway, we get to pick colors for each other, envision designs, receive great foot rubs, and feel great afterwards. Best splurge ever!

What do you do for your mommy/daughter dates? How do you spend time?

Waiting on her nails to dry

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