Disney on a Budget: 10 people, 6 nights, and 1 happy wallet

Disney on a Budget

We are going back to Disney World for our vacation! Oh, how I love Disney!   I get to relive my childhood and create new memories with my family. I never get tired of Disney (I hope this doesn’t change as the kids get older.), especially if it is Disney on a Budget.

We will be staying for 6 magical nights.  This trip will include 10 people:  my family of 5, my parents, grandmother, and my parents-in-love (in-laws). We have a couple of first-timers on this trip:  my dad, grandmother, and son TJ.  I was pregnant with him on my last trip, does that count?

Anyway, I am so glad to introduce them to my happy place; show them what they have missed these years!

I wanted to make this trip as cheap as possible. I set a budget for $3500. The price of four-day park hoppers alone for 10 people would run $3,515.61  How will I carry out this!?!

Disney on a Budget

Here was the plan:


I LOVE staying on Disney property.  However, with 10 people this is impossible.  I have heard great things about Wyndham Bonnet Creek and was quoted $1100.00 for 2 3-bedroom units, sounds reasonable.  I just didn’t like the idea of not knowing where we would be located.  It was not guaranteed that we would be on the same floor, or building.  So, I searched VRBO and found a great 7 bedroom house for $979.95.

Disclaimer: As stated before, I can’t go to Disney and not stay on property.  As a surprise for the kids, my family will fly in a day earlier and stay at Animal Kingdom-Jambo House.  I rented 16 points at $10 a point for a Savanna View Studio. (Huge savings here!) Not counted in the budget.

Total:  979.95


My family will be flying with Southwest Airlines (everyone else will be driving).  I have a so many points left over from signing up for their credit cards for our Disneyland adventure.  TJ is not quite 2 (will turn 2 the day after we leave) he will fly for free.  After paying taxes, our cost was $20 for four tickets.

Total: $20

Rental car:

I reserved 1 6 day full-sized cars for my family to travel to and from the parks and airport.

Total: 134.57 + $75 for gas= 209.57


We will eat most of our meals at the house. My family loves to cook, even on vacation. We will also take some snacks into the park with us.  However, churros, dole whip, turkey legs…. we have to have it.

Total: $150 for snacks at the park. $400 for the week. $550


My father is retired military.  We are able to buy the Military Salute Tickets (4 day park hoppers) for our family.  I was so elated when I saw that they extended the number a service member could buy to 12 during our trip time.  We are purchasing 10 military salute tickets.  Our parents are conflicted on how many days they will go to the park, but $177 for 4 day park hoppers…. we’ll take it.

Total:  $177×10 = $1770


4 days and two vehicles.

Total: $17×8= $136

Recap of my Disney Budget:

Housing                               $979.95

Airplane Tickets:                    $20.00

Rental:                                 $209.57

Food:                                   $550.00

Tickets:                              $1770.00

Parking:                               $136.00

My total:                            $3665.52

We were over by 165.52.  However, $367 per person is not bad!  Do you have great ways to cut costs even more?

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Please leave a comment with your favorite Disney on a Budget Tip.

Note: All prices are listed from our September 2015 trips.  Disney does change prices annually.

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