3 Ways to Build An Intimate Relationship With God

I am on a journey to build an intimate relationship with God.

2017 changed so much for my family. I mean we really went through it.  We dealt with no jobs, new jobs, new positions, new living arrangements, new schools, new cities; all new everything. There was so much going on that it was hard to keep up.

I thought I was going crazy. Well… crazier than I already am. Lol.


We have had some tough lessons to learn this past year and I must say that God was all up and through each one.  I had no choice but to draw closer.  Here is what I have learned so far…

3 Ways in Which You can Build Your Intimate Relationship to God

  1. Spending time with God daily.

  2. Know that Jesus is the key to building a relationship with God.

  3. Confess all of your sins and profess the desires of your heart.

Any sin you cover, God uncovers. Any sin you uncover, God covers. _ Johnny Hunt

Last year, my co-worker gave me a devotional book that had a scripture, reading passage, and prayer for each day of the year.  I would read, discuss, and pray with my friend who is further along in her walk than I am. I looked forward to spending this time reading scripture and praying.

When I tell you my eyes were opened to a new way of thinking and feeling! My life began to change.  I had some miracles happen last year people. I am talking about my husband was unemployed off and on for about 4 months and we NEVER missed one bill.  We put our house on the market and received 3 offers in the first 3 days. Y’all, our neighborhood had houses on that had been market for months. We just knew it wasn’t going to sell…. But God!

This lead me to want more. Seek more.  I still didn’t feel like I was where I needed to be.

One of my friends started a New Testament Challenge where we read the New Testament in 30 days. This in itself was a blessing.  I was already reading scripture daily, but He knew exactly what I was missing.

In this challenge, I figured that Jesus was the missing key.

I realized that I didn’t have a direct connect to God.  I needed Jesus as my homeboy, literally.  I actually think of Him in this manner.  Following His word and works have made me closer to God.

The final thing that was left was confessing all of my sins.  In confessing, I had to dig deep and confess the things that I had tucked away.  EVERYTHING!!!  I am talking about everything that I was hiding from myself for YEARS.   I know He already knows, but it was something about putting them on display that gave me a since of relief.  Once I did, things started happening.  I mean it took all of the shame away.  This placed me into a position in which I could seek my heart’s desires.

I am chasing after everything that I know is mine.

I know that confessing is a hard step, but remember this quote.

Any sin you cover, God uncovers.  Any sin you uncover, God covers. ~ Johnny Hunt

I am willing to journal my works on this blog for the world (or the 2 or 3 readers I have… Hey, mama!) to see. I hope that this will make me better in every way.  Who knows?  Maybe someone else will learn from or join this journey with me.

What are ways in which have grown your relationship with God?

Intimate Relationship with God

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