10 Pictures That Will Make You Want to Visit Jamaica

10 Pictures That Will Make You want to visit and maybe take the kids too!

In 2014, my husband and I decided to take our first trip away from the kids to the beautiful Royalton White Sands Resort in Jamaica. I was so nervous about leaving the kids for 4 whole days.

Would my babies miss me? Will they cry for me in their sleep? Who would they give my hugs and kisses to?

Y’all that lasted all of two minutes.

We were two miles down the road when I realized that I would not have kids following me into the bathroom, singing my name as if it were a number #1 hit on the Rap/R&B charts, or picking on each other which left me to break up the fights.

We deserved time away from the kids for more reasons than one….wink! wink! Yes, Sir!

Our experience was one I will never forget.

As soon as the plane landed, there was singing and chanting from the passengers. I wish I had caught it on camera. I couldn’t decide if it was the natives of Jamaica or the visitors who were cheering the most.

The only thing I know is that I did not cheer or sing when I landed back in GA.

This same energy followed us to the resort.

Did I think about the kids during the trip?

The kids may have crossed my mind twice while we were gone.

The beauty of the island did inspire us to bring the kids back to witness it for themselves. In 2017, we did just that on our 5-day Caribbean cruise.

Here are 11 pictures that will make you want to visit Jamaica (and maybe take the kids too):

MIT Jamaica plane

Due to overbooking at the Royalton, we were transferred to the Jewel Resorts Runaway Bay, in Montego Bay, for the first night. We didn’t mind because it allowed us to see more of the island.

MIT Jewel Runaway Bay
View from balcony

Royalton White Sands Falmouth, Jamaica

We made our way back to the All-Inclusive Resort Royalton White Sands in Falmouth.

MIT Royalton White Sands 2

MIT Royalton White Sands 1

MIT Royalton White Sands

MIT Royalton White Sands 7

MIT Royalton White Sands 10

MIT Jamaica Royalton White Sands

MIT Jamaica Royalton White Sands 1

Oh yeah! In my excitement to get away, I broke the only key to the truck.  We had to get it towed to the dealership. Sometimes what goes wrong is the most memorable part of the trip.  We (Well “I”… T still does not think it is funny) talk (ok…he warns me not to break his key) and laugh about this before every trip.

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Have you been to Jamaica? Share your most memorable moments below!

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