Natural Hair Styling Options for African American Women Who Travel

Vacation booked? Check! Bags packed? Done!The last thing my melaninated sisters and I have to add to our travel planning list is our vacation hair; especially if you have natural hair.

I have been natural for at least 10 years and my weekly maintenance routine  isn’t something that I want to do while I am on vacation. Taming this mixture of 3c, 4a, 4b hair is a beast that I cannot purchase an extra ticket for. Shoot, I would need a separate bag just for my hair products; which would have to be checked.

Can you imagine the airlines losing your products!?! OH, HELL NO!

My favorite resource for natural styling tips is YouTube.  I have found 3 videos that showcase 30+ styles for traveling while having natural hair.

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3 Natural Hair Styles for African American Women who Travel

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1. Wash-n-Gos, Puffs, and Afros

If I am doing a quick weekend getaway, I do not mind rocking my puff and afro.

Tip: Make sure to check your destination for their climate.  Humidity= Frizz. 

Check out Abby Jahaira’s five hairstyles for traveling.

2. Crochet Styling

I love a good crochet braid slay.  My mother is the queen of crochet.  Crochet hair comes in so many variations today. You can find anything from box braids to kinky straight hair.  I love this video because TheKeyisME gives us insight on how the hair holds up on vacation and swimming in salt water.

The FreeTress Bohemian Braid is my favorite crochet hair.  It can tangle, but you can just cut away the pieces and make sure to wrap your hair up at night with a satin scarf.  I prefer to use the pineapple method.

I would also suggest the FreeTress Water Wave,  and the Outre Bohemian Curl

3. Braids and Cornrows

My final suggestion is getting braids or cornrows.  This option is very low maintenance.

On the Hairstyles channel, I found 30 braided styles that are great for vacation.

Regardless of which style I am choosing, I always pay special attention to my hair before my travels.  Here are the products that I use:

What are your favorite natural  hair styles while traveling?

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