7 Tips to Enjoy a Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party that is Sold Out

One of the highlights and most popular events of Disney World Theme Park is the Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. Rare characters, dressing up in costumes, and lots of candy are all fun reasons for attending.

We decided, at the last minute, to surprise our kids with a trip to Disney. It was my youngest son’s birthday and we had no plans. As a joke, but not really, I threw out the thought of Disney. Y’all my husband said ok with a condition.

He challenged me to get the job done for $800 or less. If I could do it, then we could go.

BET!!! I managed to get party tickets and a 2 night stay at the Embassy Suites for less than $600!!!!!!!

We only had one day at Disney. However, I wanted to maximize the lone day we had in our happy place.

We attended our first MNSSHP back in 2013. It wasn’t as crowded as regular admission to the park. So, I opted for the party.

Research was done to make sure it was indeed a great idea. I checked Touring Plans Crowd Calendar, and created a plan for navigating the party.

The plan was set and ready to go. I was below budget and had chosen a day that had historically low crowds.

Then, 3 days before the party, IT SOLD OUT! I was so hurt! However, I had already spent the money and I was still going to be at Disney sooo whatever.

We ended up having a great time after all.

So, if you find yourself in my shoes, don’t worry. I got you. Just keep reading.

Does Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Sell Out Regularly?

Not all parties sell out, but it is definitely possible.

Pro Tip: Use Undercover Tourist to purchase discounted tickets as soon as you make the decision to attend. Parties can sell out days before the party.

african american boys at MNSSHP eating M&m

7 Tips for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Sold Out Parties

1. Decide Which Activities to Focus on

The party features several activities:

  • Entertainment – Hocus Pocus Villian Spelltacular Show, Boo To You Parade, and Not-So- Spooky Spectacular Fireworks show.
  • Characters- You can find many characters, including rare characters like Jack and Sally, at stations or roaming around the park for pictures and greetings.
  • Rides- Most of the rides in Magic Kingdom are open. Many even have special overlays just for the party.
  • Dance Parties- Kids are the focus behind these parties, but I had a great time too.
  • Trick-or-Treating- You can find many stations within the park. There were even surprise stations as we exited many rides.
  • Food and Shopping- There are exclusive merchandise and food choices available during the party only. Food is always a priority for me. lol

Are you there for the Shows and Parade? Are rides high on your list of things to do? What about meeting rare characters that make an appearance during the party?

You won’t be able to do it all, so make sure you do what is most important to your family.

2. Make a Plan

Once you have found your focus, make a plan. Schedule your day around your chosen focus.

Map out the rides to get on before and after the parades. Decided what times you want to trick or treat or where you are going to eat.

Make a plan, then work the plan. ~Murray Barber

I promise you this will make your day so much easier.

3. Arrive Early

Magic Kingdom closes to regular guests at 6 PM and the party officially stars at 7 PM. However, you can arrive early for the party.

Party ticket holders can arrive at the party starting at 4 PM. Disney hasn’t officially announced this, but it is definitely true. We were able to enter the park at 4 PM. Some people have reported entry times as early as 3:30 PM.

DVC members can brings in seven friends with tickets to the event as early as 2 PM.

4. Schedule Fast Passes

This is true only if you take advantage of tip number 3. If you plan on entering the park at 4 PM, then you will be able to schedule fast passes for time slots before 6 PM. You may be able to schedule up to 3 before the party begins.

Fastpasses are not available during the party so take advantage if you can.

Pro Tip: Once your tickets arrive, link them to your Disney account. Try to score fast passes for rides that are closed during the party like Jungle Cruise, or rides, like 7D Mine Train or Peter Pan, that always have a high wait time.

5. Stay as late a possible

We started our day at 4 PM and closed the park down. The crowds tend to fall after the second parade. The trick-or-treat lines are basically non-existent. The wait times for the rides also dropped to under 30 minutes (even 7D Mine Train).

Even though your body may be in pain and your feet are begging to retire, plan to get a lot of last minute things done.

6. Be as Comfortable as Possible.

I know this is the only time in which we get to dress up in costumes in the park, but it is still August-October in Florida.


The heat can bring out the worst in people. Crowds, Heat, and Attitudes do not mix.

Make yourself as comfortable as possible. Instead of full costumes, opt for Disney Halloween Themed t-shirts.

These were super easy to make.

If you do decide to dress up, maybe take a change of clothing if you get too hot.

In addition to clothing, here are a few items that we brought to beat the heat:

Fan with Spray Bottle. The mist is a life saver.

Check Price Here.

Frogg Togg Towels. JUST GET IT!! Easy to carry and keeps you cool. I purchased one for each member of the family.

Check Price Here.

7. Take the Resort Monorail to the Ticket Station after the party is over

One thing that I didn’t anticipate was the crowd to leave the park.

My feet were tired, I just knew I was going to pass out. When I reached the outside of the gate, I saw where everyone went. (I was too tired to take a picture.)

All of the lines were super long, but the resort monorail had the shortest line.

So we just walked to that line and got off on the second stop. It was still a long wait, but we were able to beat some of the crowds.

Bonus Tip:

If all else fails, throw all of what I just wrote out of the window. I mean you are at Disney. Focus on the time that you get to spend with your family.

Remember to focus on the memories not things!

Have you attended a sold out party? Add your tips below!

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