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April 2019: The Month for Black Excellence in Entertainment

April 2019: The Month for Black Excellence in Entertainment

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There is so much Black Excellence oozing around the entertainment world this month. I guess God is giving us a Black History Month do-over because this past February was full of foolery.

Either way I! AM! HERE! FOR! IT!

I don’t get to watch much TV outside of the reality shows that I record. I admit that I am ratchet adjacent. I live vicariously through their drama and fights. The way my life is currently set, I just can get down like that.

So, whenever I feel like I can’t handle my drama, I just watch theirs and remember that my life ain’t half bad. But I am tired of watching the same old drama each week. God knew I needed something exciting and new.

Why am I so excited about April 2019?

1. Season 2 of The Chi

Season 2 of the Chi premiered on April 7th. If you haven’t watched this show then you are missing out. This series, created by Lena Waithe, tells the story of a neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago.

When I use to think of Chicago, my first thought was of a war zone with gangs and death. However, this show humanizes the city. You are able to put faces and stories to the stereotypical images and news that the media releases.

I was hooked off of the first episode. If you loved The Wire, then I know you will love The Chi.

2. Another Trailer for The Lion King

This is the movie that I am the most excited to see this year. Y’all can’t tell me that Pride Rock is not in Wakanda with Black Panther and ’em. I am counting down the days until the premiere of the movie. The only thing I am trying to decide is if I’m bringing my kids.

This new trailer had me feeling like a little kid again. This movie is going to be great! It better be great Disney. July 19,2019 is already marked off on the calendar.

3. Little

This move set the stage for a great mother daughter date. My teen doesn’t want to hang with me much, but she was excited to see this movie with me.

I thought it was important for my daughter to see this movie for two reasons. Well, two reasons outside of fact the cast is composed of strong black female actresses.

1. The Executive Producer is 14 year old Marsai Martin.

My daughter is 13 years old. I want my daughter to dream big and go after whatever she wants. Marsai did just that with pitching this film. She had an idea and went for it fearlessly. I needed my daughter to see the results of this young Black girl dreaming, pursuing, and getting it done. This is the best example.

2. I loved the movie Big.

I used to watch that movie every time that it came on. I wanted that floor keyboard so bad. I even learned to play Chopsticks. We would drive my mama crazy with this song:

Down Down Baby, down by the roller coaster…

That was the best part. Shout out to Tom Hanks!

I was curious to see how she was going to flip it. To see what she was able to create was awesome.

4. Game of Thrones

I haven’t seen many black people in GOT, but all of my black friends and family watch it. So…. it is still great for black entertainment. LOL

Winter is finally here!!!

I have waited years for winter to arrive. YEARS!!!!! You just have to be a fan to understand all of this excitement.

If you are not. Do yourself a favor and start from the beginning. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

I might shed a tear after the last episode.

4. Beyonce Homecoming

The only reason I did not set my alarm to watch when it dropped was because I forgot. I would have been up at 3 am getting my whole life. If we were not in the middle of testing season, I would have been in my office holding a full concert with Bey and Netflix. But I had to wait until I got off of work.

This document right here! I related to her struggle with not feeling like herself after giving birth. I was inspired by her drive and commitment to not attempt to go completely back to her old self, but embrace the woman that she has become.

If my country ass can do it, they can do it!


Yes I can, Beyonce. Yes I can!

Update: I came back to say that she dropped a 40 dong album with the documentary. YYYYYAAAASSSSSS Bey!!!!!

5. Being Mary Jane

The trailer for the 2 hour series finally is a huge ball of confusion. I will watch it to just see how her life turns out. Mary Jane is a character that I really did not relate to, but I like watching because it gave me another opportunity to live through others vicariously.

I am just glad that they are ending this series properly. I am here to support.

Are you enjoying all of this entertainment and black excellence like I am?

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