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Jordan Peele’s Us Movie Review

Jordan Peele’s Us Movie Review

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I must say that I am terrified of scary movies. I loved Get Out and knew I was going to see this movie.

I began watching this movie with my head buried on my husband’s shoulder, peeking through my fingers as my hand covered my face. As the movie progressed, I realized it was not a thriller thriller. I was able to relax.

I must say even though this was not typical thriller, it was hands down the scariest movie I have seen.

The wheels in my head were turning after leaving the theater. Here is what I posted on Facebook:

US was sooo dope. Jordan Peele is a Genius.

My take: We are you! We look similar, act similar, and have similar experiences, but we are distorted because you placed us in positions in which we couldn’t thrive. Then, you forgot about us.

However, we realized that if we are given the resources and opportunity that you have, we could rise to the occasion. We can live the American dream with a beach house to boot. We can become just like you.

We just have to “take” the opportunity when it presents itself. However, when one of us makes it out, instead of shedding light on the situation they left, they forget too. Leaving those in bondage to continue to suffer while they toast to the good life.

When someone comes to remind you of where you came from, you feel as if they are trying to take your life away. So you kill them and their dreams so you can continue to live. You then rewrite the narrative and pass it down to your kids to keep the pattern going.

The one scene when it showed the switch bothered me. I feel like that is the exact narrative of how society may view our success.

Our success is not based on our own merits. Some people feel as if our success is due to some means of trickery or force.

We can’t exist as equals because it is not enough to go around. Instead we take opportunities from one of them. Now who ever we replaced is destined to live a horrible life. 

Boy oh Boy was this movie food for thought! This is real-life and for this reason alone this is the scariest movie I have ever seen.

He didn’t need a fictitious character to terrorize the folks in the movie. He used US to do it. #Candymanaintgotnothingonthis I’m willing to say Candyman thrice in the mirror cause I’m already living in this nightmare.

Have you seen the movie? What are your thoughts?

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