Things I Learned my First Week Blogging!

Blogging- everyone is doing it. Why not me?

I wanted to start a personal blog for quite some time.  Last week I decided to buy a domain name and jump right in.  Here is what I learned in my first week blogging.

1. Blogging is actual WORK!  

The idea of starting a blog just to have something to do is not what I thought.  It is actual work!  I have worked so many hours on this blog.  I’ve had to edit, re-edit, and then edit again.  I’ve changed and customized the theme a million times (ugh! I still have more work to do on that).  When I wasn’t actually working on the blog, I was thinking about it.  However, I found that blogging is fun, a stress-reliever (so far at least), an introduction to new people/ideas, and exciting.  I am serious about blogging.  It has my creative juices flowing.  I am committed to keeping it going.

learned blog blogging2. Research is NECESSARY if you are serious about growing your blog.

I had to spend a great deal of time researching.  This was the reason for so many edits and changes.  My research provided me with the necessary changes that should help my blog grow.  It has paid off a bit.  At the time of this posting, I have had a total of 631 views and 1 comment.  I’ve read where people struggle to get 50 views a day.  I’ll take that for my first week. I am excited to grow this number even more.

3. Social Media is your friend. Create profiles and USE IT!

From all of my research, I learned that social media brings traffic to your blog.  I created profiles on following social media sites:

Facebook: Memories Instead of Things

I joined several Facebook groups.  This is very important so you can network with other bloggers.

Twitter: @MemoryNotThings

I followed many of the bloggers whose blog I was already reading.  I also looked at who they were following.   I followed some of them as well. Currently, I am following 121 users and I have 34 followers.

Pinterest: MemoryNotThings

Pinterest is one of the sites that bring in a lot of traffic if you make the right connections. I made sure I created a board for my posts.  I found boards that matched my interests and followed them.  Hopefully, I can make some great connections.

Stumble Upon: Tasha Memory

Instagram: MemoriesInsteadofThings

4. You WILL spend money if you ever plan to monetize your blog.

As stated above, I purchased a domain name. I also decided to self-host my blog.  I do have plans of making money one day (Why not?).  Everyone from my research agreed that owning a domain name and self-hosting is the best way to do so.  My start up costs were about $180.  This is how I know I’m going to stick with it.  I have to make my money back. lol  Money made so far: $-180.  I also know that I may not make my money back for a couple of years and that is fine with me.

5. Don’t Stalk your Stats!

Ok, try not to stalk your stats.  I did!  However, don’t get excited or disappointed.  Just know that they will grow.

6. Don’t Be Afraid, Just Jump In.

I thought about all of the reasons why I shouldn’t start a blog. Even though I have written many papers for college, I feel that writing is not one of my strengths (I like to blame that on being a math teacher).  I truly feel that if I do it often enough, it will become one of my strengths!  I can’t use that as an excuse.  Also, I spent a lot of time looking at established bloggers and wondering what they are doing.  I finally said forget it and jumped right in. I doing this for me, and hopefully some of you will join in.



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